About Us

My Glamorous Place believe it is the finishing touches that are hardest to buy for our homes and the most important.

For many when it comes to those finishing touches that take your room from looking ok to truly Insta worthy we struggle to know where to shop and what to buy. 

It is really difficult to buy those pieces that add your personality and complete the room to give you a real sense of achievement. We know we need a rug but how do we know which rug? We end up browsing lots of different places not knowing what it is we need to complete the project. Most of our customers need a little help…

My Glamorous Place was born in 2018 after the founder Charlotte Watson was struggling to find glamorous finishing touches for her home. With nearly 20 years retail buying experience and a huge passion for all things interior, Charlotte decided to use that experience to create My Glamorous Place & source a curated range of high quality finishing touches suitable for everyday living with a touch of glamour, all in one place.